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Emails are more than messages that are composed and sent electronically. Understanding what they are and how they play an important role in marketing campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses is crucial to achieving maximum effectiveness in the Web 2.0 era.

Emails not only have the capability of replacing or supplementing traditional marketing mailing programs but also have the potential to accomplish something virtually no other medium in our time is able to do: reach almost every single internet user and continue to reach a growing audience that is irrespective of current and future technological mediums.

Simply put, emails are more than just electronic letters. They’re powerful agents of change and action.

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Benefits of Text Message Marketing

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Today, people are busy and on the go. What is the one thing that they have within reach 24 hours a day? Their smartphones and tablets.

MOBILE is where their eyes are, and that is where you want your message to be. Since 2006, when mobile marketing technology first became available, Fortune 500 companies have been using this method to their advantage. Why? Because it works.

Our industry-leading, cloud-based mobile marketing software tools empower companies of all sizes and types the ability to leverage “best in class” technologies. You can now easily begin engaging your customers on their mobile devices with this affordable and powerful digital marketing software.

Benefits of Email Marketing
and SMS Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best forms of communication ever- And it can be the worse as well.

People are busy, so your emails MUST stand out, be concise and give a clear expectation of what the reader should do.

Learning how to properly engage your customers through email is one of the best things you can do.  It helps to propel your brand and will give you a high rate of return when done correctly. 

SMS/Text Mobile Marketing

Get your business and offers seen when you communicate through SMS.  Branding is the key to all business so keeping your name and information in front of your prospects, customers and past customers are your keys to success! Doing this while they are on their mobile devices will greatly improve your sales and bottom line

SMS/Text Mobile Coupons

Now you can easily and affordably attract and re-engage your customers on their mobile devices! Mobile Coupons are a fantastic way for your businesses to grow revenues. ​If you are looking for affordable and environmentally friendly ways of delivering coupons and specials to your customers, our mobile coupons are producing common open rates of 65-95% or more with most redemption rates of 10-30%.

Mobile Loyalty

Now you can create a simple to use loyalty program for your business that also quickly adds customers to your marketing list that will build loyalty and bring paying customers BACK into your store, restaurant or any type of business over and over again.

  • Increase Visits To Your Location
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Improve Revenues
  • No App To Download
  • No Key Fobs, cards or fake punches
  • Works on ALL Mobile Devices
  • Safe & Secure
  • Stay ahead of the curve

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