Today, people are busy and on the go. What is the one thing that they have within reach 24 hours a day? Their smartphones and tablets. Since 2006, when mobile SMS marketing technology first became available, Fortune 500 companies have been using this method to their advantage. Why? Because it works.

Our industry-leading, cloud-based mobile marketing software tools empower companies of all sizes and types with the ability to leverage “best in class” technologies. You can now easily begin engaging your customers on their mobile devices with this affordable and powerful digital marketing software.

Baytech Companies is more than a marketing agency, we are a partner for your team. Our SMS marketing team will manage all aspects of your campaign, from development, segmentation to reporting.


SMS Text Messages

We offer an SMS text messaging service that you can use anytime. We may include links in the content that will drive more visitors to your website, landing pages, or other social media pages.

Group Texting

You may quickly reach an enormous audience of contacts through a text messaging platform at once.

Text Forwarding

It will make you available to your clients even when you’re not in the office. This creative solution lets you quickly sort messages and respond to consumers.

SafeSTOP Opt-Out

We also provide SafeSTOP to customers with an easy and safe way to opt out of text messages, report spam, and establish preferences for future communications.

Dedicated Short Codes

We provide a dedicated SMS short code for marketing that enables your company to send large numbers of text messages in a short amount of time.

2 Way Texting

We provide two-way messaging to let businesses connect with clients on their preferred platforms. We give voice, Email, SMS, and Webchat alternatives to surpass customer expectations and accomplish more.

SMS/Text Mobile Marketing

We provide SMS/text mobile marketing to our customers, including promotional material, product details, and other essential information. Our SMS marketing platform generally provides simple contact database segmentation and administration choices.

SMS/Text Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are a more intelligent approach to give discounts on your goods and services. We use smartphones to promote your items to prospective customers and entice them to purchase with these attractive discounts.

Mobile Loyalty

With SMS marketing, consumers may remain updated with real-time alerts, promotions, and special deals from their favourite businesses. SMS marketing is a great way to keep in touch with customers

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Why SMS Marketing is Important?

90% of SMS recipients read their messages within three minutes of getting them on their phone. Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of all your previous campaigns and databases to gain a deeper understanding of your current SMS marketing strategy. Specific elements of the evaluation include a review of your current design and copy, SMS marketing tools, and the database status.

We’ll then use these findings to develop a solid strategic plan that will help increase the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns and grow your business. Whether you’re interested in SMS marketing for a small business or a large company, we’ll help you secure new leads with specific SMS strategies.

Why Choose Us?

Our team comprises top internet marketing experts who are competent and enthusiastic about assisting companies in their growth. Our digital marketing teams have extensive expertise in their respective industries and have helped several businesses achieve their objectives. We assist you in fine-tuning your future message and continuously improving your results.

When best practices are used, SMS marketing has the highest return on investment of any other channel. Once we start implementing the changes, you can sit back and watch your income increase.

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Best SMS Marketing Company in Columbus

With Baytech SMS Marketing service, it is possible to create marketing campaigns, strengthening the relationship with your client through the dissemination of offers, products/services, news, and events.

  • Ideal for cross and up-selling to your consumers.
  • Perfect for satisfaction surveys.
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers! Discover the services of the Baytech Companies!

Results for your Business

The Baytech text marketing works with simple online management principles for companies of any size:

  • Develop solutions according to business needs
  • Thoroughly manage campaigns
  • Analyze results, checking errors and successes;
  • Further, improve the cost/benefit of the campaign.

Additional Services Provided

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