In today’s world, people are always on the go and rely heavily on their smartphones and tablets. Since 2006, mobile SMS marketing technology has been available and Fortune 500 companies have been utilizing it to their advantage. Why? Because it works.

Our cloud-based mobile marketing software tools are industry-leading and allow companies of all sizes and types to leverage the best technologies. With our affordable and powerful digital marketing software, you can easily engage with your customers on their mobile devices.

At Baytech Companies, we are not just a marketing agency, but a partner for your team. Our SMS marketing team will handle all aspects of your campaign, from development and segmentation to reporting, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


SMS Text Messages

Our SMS text messaging service is available to you at any time, and we can even include links in the content to drive more visitors to your website, landing pages, or other social media pages.

Group Texting

With our text messaging platform, you can instantly reach a vast audience of contacts all at once.

Text Forwarding

This innovative solution allows you to be accessible to your clients even when you are out of the office. You can easily sort messages and respond to customers, giving you the flexibility to stay connected with your audience anytime and anywhere.

SafeSTOP Opt-Out

At our company, we offer SafeSTOP to our customers, which provides a safe and easy way for them to opt-out of receiving text messages, report spam, and set preferences for future communications.

Dedicated Phone Number

We offer dedicated marketing numbers that enable your business to send a high volume of text messages in a fast and efficient manner.

2 Way Texting

Our communication services offer two-way messaging to enable businesses to connect with their customers through their preferred channels. We provide voice, email, SMS, and webchat options to exceed customer expectations and achieve more efficient communication.

SMS/Text Mobile Marketing

Our SMS/text mobile marketing service offers promotional materials, product details, and other essential information to our customers. Our platform includes easy contact database segmentation and administration options for effective targeting of your audience.

SMS/Text Mobile Coupons

Offering mobile coupons through this service is a smart way to offer discounts on your products and services. By utilizing smartphones, you can promote your items to potential customers and entice them to make purchases with attractive discounts.

Mobile Loyalty

SMS marketing enables businesses to send real-time alerts, promotions, and special deals to their customers, helping them stay up-to-date. It is an effective way to maintain regular communication with customers.

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Why SMS Marketing is Important?

90% of SMS recipients read their messages within three minutes of receiving them on their phone. At Baytech Companies, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your previous SMS campaigns and databases to better understand your current SMS marketing strategy. This evaluation includes a review of your design and copy, SMS marketing tools, and the status of your database.

Using this information, we develop a robust strategic plan to enhance the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns and increase your business growth. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, we can help you acquire new leads with targeted SMS strategies.

Why Choose Us?

Our team comprises seasoned internet marketing professionals who are enthusiastic about assisting businesses in their growth. With extensive expertise in various industries, our digital marketing teams have helped numerous companies achieve their objectives. We can help refine your messaging and continuously improve your results.

When best practices are utilized, SMS marketing has the potential for the highest return on investment among other channels. As we begin implementing these changes, you can relax and watch your sales grow.

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Best SMS Marketing Company in Columbus

BizApp247’s SMS Marketing service (formerly Baytech Mobile) provides an effective way to strengthen your relationship with clients by sharing offers, products/services, news, and events. With our service, you can create effective marketing campaigns that are perfect for cross-selling and up-selling to your customers, as well as conducting satisfaction surveys. Our service allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers. Discover the services offered by Baytech Companies and start engaging with your customers today.

Results for your Business

At Baytech Companies, our text marketing solution is designed with simple online management principles that can cater to companies of any size. We create custom solutions that meet your business needs, meticulously manage your campaigns, analyze the results to identify areas of improvement, and continuously enhance the cost-effectiveness of your campaign.

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