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If you own a website and want to generate leads or business from it, then you are now required to perform search engine optimization in order to compete with those in your industry like you.

Let the experts at Baytech Companies handle your local search engine optimization (SEO) for your company or website, and see your investment and efforts pay off with higher search engine rankings and improved sales and cash flow. Higher search engine results increase traffic and help you obtain leads and consumers.

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Let our search engine optimization experts help build your business by optimizing your website for 1st-page rankings and watch your sales soar!

What SEO Companies Do

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Well, technically speaking it’s a series of calculations that the search provider makes in order to deliver relevant traffic to its searchers.  In non-tech terms, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is having someone who needs your service find you and your website or landing page on the first page of Google or Bing, the two most prevalent search providers in the world.

Traditional SEO is now old news. Gone are the days of changing a few meta tags and having your website flooded with traffic. The internet is now over 1 TRILLION pages large, and having YOUR website standout in the crowd requires strategy, action, and some patience.

Hire Baytech as Your SEO Expert

SEO is such a vital element of any company’s marketing strategy, that finding the right Columbus SEO firm is crucial. It’s essential to inquire about the organizations you’re considering doing to stay on top of the current SEO trends and adjustments.

We recognize that not all marketing efforts are created in the same manner. We do in-depth research at Baytech to develop customized solutions that satisfy specific company objectives and industry norms. We always strive to offer professional services to our clients and we listen so we can fully understand your goals to give you the most effective Columbus SEO services available.

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Our SEO Services in Columbus


Keyword research and SEO strategy

An effective search engine optimization strategy requires the use of the correct keywords. Our SEO professionals in Ohio will do extensive keyword research to determine the most effective keywords for content optimization. You will get greater exposure and create more leads due to our search engine optimization.


SEO link building

With a well-thought-out link-building plan, you can propel your website to the top of the search results. Backlinks are essential for enhancing the authority and rating of a website. To collect backlinks and strengthen our SEO efforts, our link-building professionals will undertake content outreach with our trusted network of websites.


content writing services

As part of our Columbus SEO services, we provide expert content writing. Our writers create high-quality material that is search engine and human-friendly. We create high-quality content that generates views, interactions, and leads, from blog pieces to case studies.


On Page SEO

Increase your profitability over time by generating more visitors and leads with well-optimized pages. We can help you boost your search engine rankings and exposure with our intelligent on-page SEO. Our Columbus SEO professionals will analyze your pages thoroughly and optimize aspects such as headlines, subheadings, meta descriptions, and image tags.


Technical SEO

Ensure that your visitors have a quick and secure browsing experience. Our Columbus SEO agency provide technical SEO service to increase the performance of your website, boost usability, and protect it from threats and assaults. Our technical SEO strategy will help you lower your bounce rate and increase conversions.


Local SEO - Citations

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization in 2022 is having your website and company information be accurate and listed on the major directories available to you. oftentimes call citation management or NAP Management, this valuable and exclusive service will all your website and company to be seen more in more searches on the web

Local and International SEO Consultant

Our SEO Optimization Services will make your company more visible in the local and international community. We assist businesses who want to enhance their lead generation or online sales and positively influence their bottom line.

At Baytech, we concentrate on ethical SEO tactics and develop a long-term growth strategy. We recognize that every company is unique, as are your objectives, which is why we create a specific approach for you. We strive to boost early leading signs of success, such as increasing ranks and website traffic, but we recognize that the most important thing is to achieve long-term success.

We’ve helped small, and big businesses adopt profit-driven internet marketing through bespoke programs built to match each client’s particular objectives. Our technical SEO strategy will help you lower your bounce rate and increase conversions.

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