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With hundreds of companies emerging every year, the competition to stay on top and visible has increased significantly in today’s age. Every business wants to attract customers and stand out among the crowd. Therefore, they rely on marketing of any kind. However, in the past years, digital marketing has been the most prominent among every industry. 

A few years ago, these tactics were only used by big corporations and established brands to strengthen their online presence. Now, every brand is using digital marketing to stay on feed and bring customers by any means. 

Especially in the difficult time of the pandemic, companies brought their budget more towards digital marketing than ever. 

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Why do Companies turn To Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19?

Pandemic had us locked in our house with our smart devices as a means to connect with the outer world. People turned to digital to shop and to connect with their loved ones. In these times, digital marketing thrived because companies can easily connect to their customers online and in a better way. 

The marketing strategy includes SEO, content marketing, email campaigns, PPC, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and much more. These collectively help companies gain more recognition and get better ROI. 

According to several online surveys, it has been shown that digital marketing strategy is the most effective this time. Therefore, you need one too for your business. 

Here are 10 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy in 2021. 

  1. Successful digital path 
  2. Strong online presence 
  3. Better reach 
  4. Target potential customers 
  5. Best ROI 
  6. Develop customer relationship 
  7. It is affordable 
  8. Tracks progress 
  9. Adapt to new trends 
  10. Go beyond competitors 

Successful digital path 

If you are directionless, digital marketing is the key to finding a successful digital path. Lack of digital marketing does not mean that your company is missing out on opportunities but shows a lack of effort. Therefore, a digital marketing strategy helps you bring your business forward and bring more opportunities along the way. Whether you plan to expand or work on existing areas, a good marketing strategy can help you achieve your goal by always bringing customers.  

Strong online presence 

It has become necessary for a company or small business to have an online presence. Creating a profile and leaving it be just to show you exist is not enough. It helps brand awareness and connects you to potential customers. In order to have a strong online presence, you need a digital marketing strategy in 2021. 

Better reach 

Traditional marketing medium is far behind digital marketing. Instead of spending money on TV, print, or billboard ads, invest in the digital medium. The digital marketing strategy helps you better reach your customers by advertising on the medium they use daily. In recent years, the population of internet users has increased significantly, thus making it an ideal medium to advertise effectively. By putting up ads on Google, social media, etc., you can easily grasp the attention of thousands and increase sales. 

Target potential customers

Digital marketing strategies target potential customers instead of random people and save time and resources. Targeting is a digital marketing strategy where businesses showcase their products or services, or ideas to ideal customers. It is done by selecting geographical areas or people with specific interests. In this way, instead of wasting resources on random selection, you get to reach people who can become your customers. 

Best ROI 

ROI is abbreviated as Return on Investment, an important term for businesses. If you are looking to get the best ROI, then digital marketing plays a significant role. If you need some persuasive, then check out these stats:

Google Ads: According to WebFX, Google Ads has a 200 percent average ROAS across all industries. For every $1 invested, this equates to $2.

Facebook Advertisements: According to a Databox poll of 30 people conducted in 2020, the average return on investment (ROI) for Facebook and Instagram ads is between 6 and 10 times. For every $1 invested, this equates to $6-$10.

Email Marketing: The average ROI on email marketing initiatives is 3,800 percent, according to the Data & Marketing Association. For every $1 invested, this equates to $38.

Develop customer relationship 

If you don’t know your customers and don’t engage with them, it can easily affect your business. Therefore, you need a digital marketing strategy in 2021 to better reach your existing customers and develop loyal relationships. It will help your business see what their customers expect and get their feedback to improve your services. 


Digital Marketing is the most economical and effective among other strategies. It can cost you thousands to use traditional marketing, whereas digital marketing requires getting an expert and using an organic or pay-per-click strategy. It all comes down to the digital marketing company and how they help your business. You can get packages at a low price, but only some can effectively optimize your brand to shine. 

Track progress 

It is said that digital is the most measurable medium ever among others. You can track your progress with analytical data and tools and see how well the campaign is going. Moreover, you need all these data and figures to analyze and plan out the next strategy more effectively. 

Follow new trends 

You need to discover and adopt new trends to make the most of them for your gain. Use tools like Google trends or social media or forums to look for trending keywords and topics. It will help you target viral trends and make your company visible through them. Taking part in such fun and serious trends puts your brand on the map and bring sales. 

Go beyond competitors 

Everyone wants to surpass their competitors, and what’s better than using digital marketing strategy and strengthening the weak points of your rivals. A part of digital marketing strategy includes examining the competitors and making campaigns to have the upper hand. If you are looking for something similar, then it is time you need a digital marketing strategy in 2021. 

Final Words: Effective digital marketing strategy is a key to success 

You shouldn’t need much convincing at this time about the importance of digital marketing strategy in 2021. Customers and brands will appreciate the improvements it may provide, and it will help your company stay relevant in the ever-changing digital market.


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