Inertia kills. In your personal life lack of motion leads to health issues… in your business life lack of motion causes similar issues. 

Business owners who say they did the same amount of business this year as last stood still. The reality is they went backwards because some of their competitors added revenue and moved past them.
Movement is healthy.

Business trying new things, buying new equipment, opening new offices or hiring additional salespeople are all examples of business movement. Most important… you cannot expect to grow market share, add profits or expand by sitting still.

As a leader you need to move so that your staff employees can follow. If you sit still they will as well.

As a salesperson you must always be striving for more. Sitting still will doom you to failure.

As a business owner you must always be looking for better ways to do things, studying your competition and be seeking new/better ways to deliver services or products.

Movement keeps you energized and alert, keeps you focused and engaged. 

For the record a 5 hour energy drink does not replace movement. Tired, find yourself disengaged or unable to focus? 

• Take a walk
• Hit the gym
• Go for a bike ride
• Throw a ball with the kids
• Play with the dog
• Do yoga
• Shoot basketball

Not only is it good for your health but movement is good for your business. It makes you sharper, more engaged and gives you better focus. Need a new idea? Struggling with an issue? Have problems with another employee?

Move and you might be surprised by how you feel and how good your business looks…

​Written and Published by:
Tim Moore  President / Business Coach at Moore Consulting

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