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WordPress has been improving and thriving since its release back in 2003. Each year, the company comes up with new and improved features which make the user experience more engaging and pleasant. In July 2021, they released the WordPress 5.8 version with plenty of new features and bug fixes.  Want to look at all the features in great detail? Keep on reading. 

WordPress 5.8 has some of the most intriguing and user-friendly features, making the business modify their website easily and enhance user experience.  Let’s look at them. 


WebP Image Support

The WordPress 5.8 version supports WebP photos natively. They replaced JPEG and PNG, which implies it offers image transparency, which was previously only possible with PNG. The advantage it provides over PNG is that the file size will be substantially less and can also be used on Android browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Template Editor

All the WordPress theme websites now get access to the template editor. Users may now use blocks to create and change custom templates for posts and pages at any time. The new list view panel is also present in this feature, providing users with an overview of all the template parts and blocks.

The Query Loop Block

This feature allows users to present the loop in a variety of ways. Its function is to personalize the blocks within the loop once you’ve chosen a basic arrangement as a starting point. Color, length, topography, and other options are available for personalization.

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Duotone Image Effects

This new core block makes WordPress more enjoyable for users. Duotone filters allow you to colorize and cover blocks in your images. As a result, you can add a splash of color to your designs and style your photographs to blend in smoothly with your themes.

Widget Area Block

WordPress 5.8 brings the new block-based widget screen, which is a nice shift from the previous inflexible widget system. Unlike previous widget systems that required whatever functionality you wanted to add to be available as a shortcode or widget, this new version allows you to add a wide range of blocks to widget sections and input more elements with greater freedom. Because the Widget Area Block feature is new, you may need some time to get used to it. You can always utilize the standard widgets plugin until you are familiar with this feature while trying to figure out this function.

Before the current changes, WordPress did not have the extension to display PDF files. Therefore, in this version, one of its most fascinating features is the PDF viewer block. You can now easily embed PDFs on your website and allow visitors to download the PDF file.

Pattern Directory

For people that create their websites, this function is handy. Even yet, the pattern directory will only feature patterns that use core blocks when it first launches. Using blocks from WordPress.org, on the other hand, will be allowed shortly.

There have been some debates about allowing any block from the Block Directory to be in use along with the pattern. There’s also a themed studio that wants to contribute their patterns using the free blocks. Shaun Andrews responded to these proposals by saying that while he feels they were doable, there just hasn’t been any effort to make them a reality.

However, Pattern Directory does have several fascinating tools, even in this version. For example, its pattern transformation tool allows users to change the pattern of a block or a group of blocks.

Reusable Block Flow

By allowing you to preserve complex layouts, the reusable block function saves you the trouble of copy-pasting from one post to the next. Furthermore, it will enable you to reuse the same text snippet across multiple pages and posts.

Blog List View

This feature displays a list of all blocks in the form of a list for easy viewing and allowing you to find the one you wish to utilize quickly.

Theme Building Blocks

The side logo, side tagline, side title, post title, post content, post date, post excerpt, and other theme building blocks are accessible in WordPress 5.8.

What are you waiting for? 

Access these WordPress 5.8 release features and make your website a whole lot better. Do tell us about your views and experiences in the comment section below. 

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