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Take a moment and look at the above image.  Do you see some terms you may recognize? Some that you have never seen before?

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we are required to not only know what these terms and acronyms are, but we have to know how to utilize them, access them, optimize them, and research what we don’t know about them.

I will point out a few of these and help explain them below.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. What is this? Well, this is essentially the requirement for ALL businesses who want new and repeat business.  This is the basis of having your company found online when someone is searching for your type of business.  It takes a lot of work, it changes every 12 months, and its a pain in the neck.

Why do you need SEO? because if you do not have SEO working for your business, then the other businesses in your area in your business type probably are.  That means, they will be getting someone who is searching for your business more than you will.  Some companies say SEO is a waste, however we believe that SEO, done properly, could be the best money on your investment you can spend.  Combine this with a citation management plan, a linkback strategy, a content connection strategy and Google My Business Optimization, and you will now have the basics needed to compete online in your marketplace with your competitors local and nationwide.

Keyword Research – One of the top functions of any digital marketing agency that performs local seo, on-site seo, and off-site seo is to know what keywords are being searched for in any given city and business category. Nw there is a ton of free opportunities to gather this data, but we, like most digital marketing agencies, subscribe to services that give way more information than any free solution could.  Why is this important? Because when you use us as a digital marketing agency to perform your seo for you, we have this software. It helps us put you ahead of your competition.

Mobile Marketing – It’s 2019. Everyone carries their smartphones with them everywhere.  Google states that up to 80% of first touch searches on Google are performed on a mobile device in a local area.  This means that if your website is not appearing on mobile searches, then you are again losing revenue opportunity.  When you lose revenue, you lose to your competitors.

Why are you not rewarding your loyal customers with a simple mobile marketing loyalty program? Its super affordable to begin engaging the mobile consumer and bringing them back into your business or to your website will be a thousand times easier through text than any other form of communication.  Text message marketing is the most impactful type of marketing, when done properly, ever invented.

So, these are three very important aspects of our digital marketing agency.  When you choose to work with our agency, or any digital marketing agency, you will have access to the latest technologies, most up top date information and be given non-public solutions that will help propel your website or landing page straight to the top of Google and Bing!

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