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When you are deciding to begin a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign for your business, there are numerous things you should make sure you know before you begin.

There have been countless stories of Google eating up an advertising budget in record time, because the decision to begin advertising on Google and/or Bing was made, however there was no thought into WHY and HOW your ads should perform.

The first thing you should do is start with a few hours of research. Take a look at ads that pop up under your keywords you are thinking of using.  Ask yourself…Would MY ad fit in well with these ads? If it does, then mark down that keyword and keep going.  You should ultimately have 20-30 keywords per campaign, so this pre-planning time is crucial to your Google Pay Per Click success.

The next thing to look at is your website.  Ask yourself, if someone were to be driven to your website from the keywords you are planning on using, will they be right for YOU? Are these the type of customers who are coming for information or are they coming to BUY from you.  The difference is how you will setup your home page.  If they are coming to BUY from you, then your product or service better be on the home page and not have to navigate to it. Otherwise, you will want to send them to one of the interior pages of your website where they can buy now or a separate landing page.

If they do not want to “buy” because of the type of ad you are running, then WHY are they there? Once you know WHY, then are you ready to supply them with your information? Do you have a call to action and a web form tied to an email or text drip campaign? If you do not, then this is what we recommend first. Otherwise, there will be money you are spending to drive a prospect to your website, and if they leave without calling you or opting in then you lose money.

These are two very important factors when deciding to run a pay per click campaign on Google or Bing or both.  These both play an important role in your quality score, which in turn plays an important role in your success (or failure) of you Pay per click campaign.

These are just two of numerous important factors to consider when beginning your pay per click campaign.  There are numerous more and I will attempt to outline them in the coming weeks and months here on this blog, so please stay tuned.

We open and  manage Pay Per Click campaigns for customers, so if you would like a professional team with experience to help you maximize your Google Pay-Per-Click camapigns- do not hesitate to connect with us at 888-374-0555

Happy clicking!

Jim Beck

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