What You Should Know About Cybersecurity

Because of all the significant advances in technology, entrepreneurs now need to worry more about cybersecurity than locking up after business owners. According to a survey, 43 percent of cyberattacks are on small businesses. But how can you protect your business against data breaches, fraud, or cyber hacks?

Educate Yourself and Your Employees

It’s crucial to educate yourself and your team on how best to protect your business and themselves from cyberattacks. Consider asking your employees to take short cybersecurity courses with a small business focus and topics like best IT security practices, what cyber threats are, and how to protect your network from them.

When you and your staff take cybersecurity seriously, it’s a mutually beneficial situation for everyone. So while working on expanding your business, don’t forget to invest in your own knowledge and that of your employees. This is one investment that pays for itself.

Ensure Your Digital Tools are Updated and Secure

You can be prepared on all fronts when it comes to securing your business, but you could still be vulnerable if your digital tools are not updated and secure. Rely on services and products with a track record of success in the sector, and learn the red flags you can identify when choosing software.

When establishing your network, you should also verify its security by regularly performing a penetration test. These checks identify existing vulnerabilities by creating real-world scenarios that attackers use to invade your systems. Regularly carrying out this kind of testing makes it more difficult for hackers to compromise your business’s infrastructure — the time and money you invest in the network will pay off by protecting your venture.

Besides having updated systems, you should also have a recovery plan in place to mitigate the effects of a cyberattack. A legitimate recovery plan should be easy to implement, cost-effective, and quick to execute in the event of an attack or systems failure. A tried and tested service can help you develop an efficient plan by administering several system protection layers. Your plan should also allow you to easily access your data through one interface and perform regular tests to ensure protection and efficiency.

Implement Strong Password Security

Password security is among the best protection against cyberattacks, and creating and adopting solid passwords across your business’ systems costs next to nothing. There are three types of attacks used by hackers to access your passwords: dictionary attacks, brute force, and social engineering.

A brute force attack is when hackers rely on guessing possible combinations of a targeted password until they discover the real answer. A longer and more random password makes it more difficult for them to crack. The custom dictionary attack method uses a database filled with simple words, names, numbers, and combinations to hack your passwords. Meanwhile, a social engineering attack refers to the use of a fraudulent persona, like the tech support ‘agent’ who informs you that your credentials have been compromised and you need to give the caller your password to reset them.

Always Back Up Your Data

Anyone using a computer is painfully aware of the importance of backing up their data. While most of us neglect to do so at home, it’s necessary for small businesses to do so. While protecting you against massive technical failure, this procedure can also shield you against a ransomware attack in which a hacker takes control of your network unless you pay a fee. As per a report, there was a 715 percent increase in identified ransomware attacks during 2020 alone, compared to the year prior. Fortunately, there are apps available to make the process of backing up your data easier.

Protect Your Business

Although cybersecurity threats are evolving daily and small businesses represent a low-hanging yield for many cyber attackers, vigilance is imperative. Thanks to these tips, you can take the necessary steps to safeguard your business and protect your data today.

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