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Simply put, digital marketing is getting your company, brand and products or services into the hands/eyeballs of a person who is on a computer, tablet, phone or other digital device.

Why is it important for business owners to have a good digital marketing system in place? Well, ask your self…When was the last time you went to the yellow pages or newspaper when you needed something?

​Times have changed.

Now, when someone needs virtually ANYTHING, they use their digital device to find it. So how do you get your company, brand , product or service found when they search for what you offer? You build a digital marketing strategy.

What is a digital marketing strategy? It is a strategy that gets your business listed, found and engaged through digital devices.

What are the key components of a digital marketing strategy?

Here is a short list…

  • Responsive Website with Blog – Blogging allows you to reach your audience in a passive yet effective way to explain why you, your products or services and your company is the best
  • Email Marketing Campaigns to collect new emails and send your information to them
  • Social Media Marketing – Cresting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels and providing useful information on a daily basis
  • Search Engine Optimization Program with Citation Listings – Having a solid Search Engine Optimization process in place is crucial to getting your website found.  In many cases, this is easier than you think but there are specific guidelines you need to follow or you could get banned from the search engines
  • Mobile Marketing– Collecting mobile numbers is crucial to your success.  If you can get open rates of 90% why not try, right?
  • Pay Per Click Marketing- Using Google, Facebook, Bing and other channels to help you grow your business is a smart idea. The largest networks in the world have the largest number of prospects for your business. Knowing how to get their attention, and drive them to your website or Landing page could be the difference between profit and loss in your business

So, having a digital marketing strategy is crucial to just about any business today who relies upon new customers.  If you have not been doing these things, it is highly recommend that you try them.  If you try and cannot “get” it, then why not give Baytech a call and let us help you! We are affordable and effective and work to build the highest Return on Investment possible!

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