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What does a digital marketing agency do?

We will do our very best to always provide you the absolute best digital marketing services and solutions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We regularly invest in new software and will provide numerous enterprise-level software solutions that include mobile marketing, email marketing, social marketing, pay-per-click marketing, video marketing, and more. We will perform advanced digital marketing SEO services on a consistent basis to help promote your business website or landing page(s) to help you increase revenues and profitability. We will continually help you to build large lists of local and national prospects and customers to who you can send regular messages that will help you propel your brand and products like never before.

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Digital Marketing Agency in Columbus - Baytech Companies

Brand Development – Developing a brand is key to all sales and marketing. Having a consistent appearance across every media platform is crucial to building a strong and reliable brand.  If your business does not have a well thought our logo, color scheme, and messaging structure, we can work with you to help you build one.  Our team of marketers, designers and artists will work with you to create an exciting brand appearance that will outshine your competition. We will produce deliverables such as logo, headers, ads, flyers, business cards and more.

Website or Landing Page/Funnell Creation/Redesign and Monthly Work – We will take over the controls of your website or landing page (If applicable- Restrictions do apply)  or create you a brand-new website presence (see scope of work below).  We will be installing new capture forms for both email and text and both. We will make sure the website is responsive and we will help you better write the initial text and call to action to capture a user’s attention and information.  Generally, this is performed on the primary website and/or the landing page for the service or product. If it is deemed you need a new website or landing page, the pricing for this will be listed in our scope of work section below as well as any hours needed to get your existing website or landing page to a point where it can be marketed properly.

Email Marketing – We have been providing email marketing solutions for over a decade.  On our program you will have a full featured email marketing system that will always be working for your business.  We will setup call to action forms that are connected to your email marketing account.  We will setup autoresponders as needed, to make sure you maximize every opt-in with branding and call to action messages being sent automatically for you 24/7 whenever a form is filled in.


Mobile Text Marketing – Baytech Mobile is the leading mobile marketing provider in the US.  We have been working on mobile engagement solutions for over 5 years now, and we will show you how to communicate better than ever through this medium.  For every option available for this software please browse

Organic Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn Posting – We will design and create for your business monthly Facebook ads/memes.  These creatives will be re-used, and the design aspects carried over into your mobile sign up kiosks, Facebook and Twitter headers as well as on any mobile coupons we send for you. We post these creatives to social networks to build your brandings and give your social presence the energy it needs to attract new customers. This program is also a KEY ELEMENT in our SEO program.  With Google changing to a content marketing reach, this program matches the guidelines of Google and will help propel your website to the top of the search engines when combined with our SEO program. We will hand curate content every week for these postings to engage your followers and attract new ones.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program – We will perform strategic organic SEO services for your website. This is a necessary long-term strategy that will build/keep your Google, Yahoo and other rankings on a positive path. This is a continuous process that we will manage and monitor and report upon monthly for you.  We will perform an initial SEO check for your records, to show where we will be starting from and to give us a baseline for the growth charts we supply in the coming months.

SEO is a very large field of work, so we will not go into every detail in this document, however this program will get your business listed in the places it needs to be.  The weekly postings we will be doing for your business is now crucial to a successful SEO program, and fits into the Google mold for content marketing. Based on our recent past client website rankings and SEO results, you too will begin to see great ranking improvement over the coming months. This program combined with the Local Listings Citation Management Service (details below) can become one of the more valuable parts of our program in just a few short months.

To explain this SEO program quickly…When someone searches for a business, they are shown Ads, Local Listings, and then organic (or natural) search results on the page.  Our SEO program focuses on organic results.  The better we can do organically for you, the less you need to



invest in Search Marketing Pay Per Click. Organic is the hardest to do, but each month, we will continue to move your website up in the ranks on as many as 100 local search terms.

This program includes optimization for Google Search Console, Google My Business, Google Webmaster tools, Bing Places, Yahoo and other search tools available to you.

Citation Management (Local SEO)- Citation management is a valuable solution that has been proving to be very reliable and provides exceptional SEO results.  Over the years, you may have listed your business and/or your website online.  These listings get outdated, and need updating if you have moved or changed your phone number or email.  How do you maintain this if you forgot where you have listed? Citation management – this is monthly updating and management service that is required to maintain your accurate web presence.

In addition, there are cases now where web listings are spoofed, and someone will change your contact info on your listings without your knowledge and re-direct the visitor to a business or website that is not yours. Some instances, the website redirects to unsavory places, so this is a valuable service that is now required in order to maintain your business listing accuracy.

Facebook Advertising – We will build campaigns and audiences for each of the vertical markets we discovered in our client meeting.  These campaigns will target users that we believe fit the criteria for your products you displayed.  These audiences and ad creations will change and evolve based on feedback and data sets once we begin running your ads.

Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Once you have the Digital Marketing Success Plan setup and funnels set-up properly and tested, we will recommend that it is time to begin advertising on Google. We have found that this is the most direct way and fastest way to improve the amount of leads coming in for your business. We do not markup the costs associated with your advertising on Google, Facebook or Bing and you will have your credit card associated with your account direct with each of these providers. Our fee covers the management and consulting and tools needed to run your ads only. Once again, Ad costs are direct billed and are additional to our consulting fee.





Retargeting/Re-Marketing Advertising – After a few months of working with you, we will more than likely recommend this solution for your business. This allows you to continually message your prospects and customers through other local and national applications and websites.  This solution places brand messages on the areas available on millions of publishers that your customers also visit during their day. We have found this to be a very effective method of advertising that we will discuss when the time is right for you.

Advoria – 5 Star Review Generator, Reputation & Competition Tracker Software

All businesses need reviews. So, we are excited to announce our newest software program called Advoria.  This cloud based and application driven software will quickly and easily allow you to collect 5 star reviews right away from your happy current customer, watch your reputation online and be able to respond to any reviews and share the reviews with a few clicks or touches! No more logging into 10 different places to see what is being said and/or to respond or share your good reviews.  In addition, you get our amazing Social365 module where you can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with a few quick steps – right from your phone! There is even more available to you with this and we will explain more in our future communications. See more at


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