How to Find Trending Hashtags for Facebook/Instagram?

Real-time marketing efforts have benefited a large number of marketers. Finding the proper time to draw attention to your brand/website/products might result in a significant increase in traffic and revenue. In this case, using popular hashtags while giving relevant material might be a successful strategy. Hashtags offer several benefits, including the ability to categorize postings and subjects on social media. 

If used properly, it may result in increased likes and follows, increased visibility, a larger audience, and some clients if you’re lucky.  If you want all of that and aren’t sure where to look for trending hashtags, we’ve got you to understand with a list that covers a variety of social media platforms.

Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are designed to make it easier to find and interact with information. As a result, those that are too sophisticated and long can have the opposite effect, discouraging people from participating.  You have to be special because while large hashtags may reach a wider audience, they won’t mean anything to them. On the other hand, specific hashtags are more specific at reaching a niche audience, but some users may not even see them.  

Trending Hashtags

In general, trending hashtags are vital for social media networking since they link you with the correct audience for your material at the right time. Your brand’s attitude and goods may not change much over time, but your target audience may. 

That is why, if you’re going to spend a lot of time and money on social media marketing, you need to stay on top of what’s going on in your sector. When you include hashtags that are currently trending in your field, you increase your material’s chances of discovering your target audience and staying up with what people are interested in right now.  

Your items may not vary all that much, but how you engage with your target audience via social media will, and changing up your hashtags to keep up with what’s current is critical.

To Find Trending Hashtags on Facebook:

Because most people’s postings on Facebook are private, you won’t be able to locate hashtags they’ve used. To put it another way, the hashtag system on this platform is not as robust as it is on other platforms. They do, however, function in the situation of publicly accessible company fan sites.

Hashtags can use in conjunction with marketing efforts and on a variety of media. Because the majority of Facebook postings are private, identifying trending hashtags on Facebook may be difficult. For corporate sites that utilize hashtags primarily for marketing initiatives, the hashtag system performs better.

The hashtags you use on Facebook should always be relevant to your postings. Look for hashtags specific to the user’s interests and choose just those that check the user’s boxes, not simply clicks.

One alternative is to go to Facebook and search for the hashtag; depending on what you’re looking for, you could get fortunate and get some fantastic ideas and a lot of Facebook posts, or you might get terrible results. Another alternative is to utilize tools like advoria to develop projects and watch Facebook hashtags over time to uncover popular pages and posts on Facebook. 

To Find Instagram’s Most Popular Hashtags: 

Hashtag-enabled Instagram postings are more valuable. Always use relevant hashtags; don’t use a bunch of them that have nothing to do with each other, only to get likes and comments. Those folks aren’t going to follow you on Instagram, and you might not get the same response for your subsequent posts. Instagram prioritizes hashtagged photographs. 

However, like other platforms, it discourages their overuse in a single frame. Using hashtags, your photos can appear on the Explore page, where people with similar interests can find you. The first step is to determine which hashtags are the most popular. The hashtags you choose should be relevant to the content of the post.

Choose just two or three items from the list and make sure they are naturally included in your photographs. Businesses that thrive on Instagram don’t just use the most popular hashtags that have nothing to do with their industry. Instead, they use specialty keywords to bring photographs directly to the attention of their target audience. 

The hashtag autocompletes tool in Instagram’s search engine is a fantastic way to develop new hashtag ideas. 


Using hashtags may help your social media postings get traction and provide a variety of additional advantages. It’s critical to employ hashtag keywords appropriately. 

As a result, be sure that you don’t end up with anything different when you combine two or more terms. It is especially true when creating a new marketing campaign. Choose thoughtfully and consult with a few members of your online community before releasing the hashtag name. When hashtags are misused, they can cause more harm than good. Hashtags should be used sparingly and only when essential. 


What’s the best way to find out what hashtags are trending on Facebook? 

To access your trending hashtags, go to the left panel on a Facebook business suit and select the insights tab.

What is the best way to find out which hashtags are trending on Instagram?

Here’s how to use these phrases to identify similar and trending keywords. Open Instagram and go to the bottom of the screen to the search icon. In the search field, type a keyword relating to your topic and then tap Tags. Select one of the hashtags from the drop-down menu. Related hashtags are displayed above the photographs on this page.

Where can I locate hashtags that are currently trending? 

Click the #Explore option from your Twitter dashboard. Then click the”trending” option to get a list of the current hot topics and hashtags in your area. You may also customize a list of hot subjects and hashtags based on your preferences.

How can you locate Facebook’s most popular posts?

In the upper right corner of your news stream, you’ll see trending subjects. The topic will appear first, followed by a summary of the tale. Facebook will display the current “Top Trends” by default, but you may also switch between categories such as politics, sports, entertainment, and science and technology.

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