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Look for a website designer today and you would think that everybody and their brother is in this business. Yes, it seems like there are so many website designers out there – so who should you choose?

Well, you should start with using a website designer who has experience and can show you past work.  What also helps, is to see how the website currently ranks on Google local search.  These two factors can tell you a lot about the website designer you are looking to hire.

As website designers, we focus on these major core items – Brand, responsiveness, speed and engagement.  First off, your brand is your life, so building a website that not only matches the color scheme, but the feel of your brand is crucial to letting your prospects know who you are and what you sell.  Second, your website has to look and act great both on the PC but on mobile devices as well. This is called responsive website design.

The speed of your website is also crucial to how long someone stays on your website.  If it takes too long to load up all the fancy images and plugins, you risk the chance of losing your prospect in that crucial first 30 seconds.

​And finally, how do you engage your prospect or customer? Do you have special offers, can they buy right now and if not do you have a lead capture and call tracking number for them to fill in a form to receive either a call or information you are promising and is there a way to click to call your business? These are are all crucial aspects of website design today.

​These are what you need to discuss with your website designer and why they are so important to your future digital marketing success.

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