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FunPhotoMagic – A fun and exciting way to gain New Business

Entertaining your customers has never been so fun or easy.Provide a lifetime of memories which doubles as a LIFETIME of BRANDING for YOUR business

Provide a LIFETIME of memories
Your customers will have a custom keepsake and a lifelong memory
of the photos taken with a single person, couple or a group of people at YOUR place of business.

The photo is then INSTANTLY emailed to the email address provided and the best part is you
get to KEEP these emails and send additional offers to entice them to return to YOUR place of business.
The photos will also be uploaded to your business Facebook page INSTANTLY giving your Social
Media Marketing a boost with unique and fresh content EVERY DAY!!

Build NEW and REPEAT business

FunPhotoMagic delivers a FUN and engaging experience so you can leave your customers
smiling for years to come.  This system is the FUNNEST and most discreet way to create
HUGE DATABASASES of people, email addresses and mobile numbers. Imagine capturing EVERY
persons email address and mobile number with DOUBLE OPT IN PERMISSIONS!!!

Let Baytech Companies show you how to utilize FunPhotoMagic, an interactive marketing system,
to Grow your revenues and increase profits!


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