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Baytech Companies has chosen a new mobile shopping cart to tie into the website design and mobile marketing solutions

The last 5 years phones have evolved and are now much faster. In fact these are not only phones, these are full-featured internet communication devices that have the same capabilities and performance as computers.  So users now expect the same level of functionality from mobile sites as from desktop sites — and sometimes they expect more. They want additional functionality based on geo-location data and multi-touch. And they hate when a site redirects them to a limited mobile version. They expect a great browsing experience regardless of what device they use — PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, mini-tablet, or TV.

Thus we are happy to announce the next generation of mobile experience and responsive web design. Now your online store can dynamically adapt to a customer’s device (smartphone, tablet, phablet, game console, laptop or Smart TV – it doesn’t matter which one) while still keeping the same buying experience. All the features available for desktop users will be also available for mobile users, yet the look will be adapted to make them more convenient for a specific device and screen size. The store uses a unique automated process to decide how it should display on a particular device (keeping in mind its screen width and available features) to make sure customers will get the optimal shopping experience. The awesome part for you is that no additional effort is required — it is the same widget and the same integration code. Check out the quick live demo here: Just open it and try to browse demo products and categories.

Why it is cool for you and how to use it

Creating a great website experience for customers across all devices helps merchants generate more engagement and increase conversions.  Some stores saw 42% revenue growth on all devices and 377.6% revenue growth on iPhone!

In order to get the full benefit of this great feature, please make sure that your website has Ecwid installed. Today almost every platform has numerous different responsive or adaptive themes available.

What about old phones?

Reports say that about 50%+ of mobile phone owners in the world have a smartphone, but the remaining 50% of mobile phone owners still use so called “feature-phones” — a huge market share, that should be served too.

Our old mobile catalog was specifically designed for feature phones. It is a simple shopping cart with no JavaScript that displays perfectly in browsers with limited HTML support and with slow CPUs.

So we now offer a unique and affordable solution which provides a mobile experience for every mobile device: full-feature responsive design for modern devices and a separate simplified mobile catalog for feature-phones.

To sum it up

Baytech Companies can design any company a responsive website and implement a mobile shopping experience for just about any business.  Our responsively designed website and shopping carts look perfect on any device from smartphones to desktop computers or even on smart TVs.

We can also tie it into a text loyalty program and useful web collection forms to provide any company the most useful mobile shopping experience and data collection system available.

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