Can’t decide what color scheme to give your web designer on your next site revamp? Or are you thinking getting a new real estate website, microsite, landing page or online brochure? Here are some helpful online tools to assist you in getting the best color palette that will complement your site’s branding and style.

DeGraeve Color Palette Generator
If you already have an existing material like a logo, or a marketing photo that you want to base your design upon, then this tool is for you. To generate a color scheme that matches your image, enter the URL of an image and “Color-Palettte-ify!” it. This free web-based tool will show the number codes of the 5-color palette,  for both dull and vibrant color schemes. Another similar tool where you can create and find color palettes made from images is ColorHunter.
See a website you like? If you are inspired by a certain site’s color scheme but don’t know which colors they used, enter the homepage URL and this web-based tool extracts the colors used on the site and shows the various hue groups of up to eight values.

Adobe Kuler
A web-hosted application, the Adobe Kuler allows you to create, browse, extract, and use color themes for various web or print projects.

In browsing color themes, you can search by tag word, title, creator or hex color. Feedbacks and ratings may also help you decide on which theme to use. In mixing and matching your own colors, you can use the website’s color wheel, harmony rules and color sliders as aides. Kuler also has a feature similar to DeGraeve. You can upload images from your computer or enter an image URL to extract its color palette. Whatever theme you make or choose, you can easily save the palette and download it directly to your desktop through Adobe AIR.

With more than 900,000 members, COLOURlovers is an international community where designers can share customized colors, palettes and patterns. It also features various apps such as ColorSchemer Studio 2 for Mac, the Themeleon for customizing Twitter and an image color extractor called Photocopa. The site’s blog also discusses the latest trends and design techniques for businesses, crafts, print advertising, online marketing and even weddings and fashion.

Still can’t decide what colors to go with? If all else fails, contact our web consultants. Our art directors will give you not only the best colors, but the best layout for your revamp or new website. Contact us at 888-374-0555 for more info.

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