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Every day we get calls from companies inquiring about how to best engage the mobile consumer.  The biggest things we see on the websites we evaluate is that when browsing on a PC, the main value selling point is generally easily found and stated. But on a mobile device, it takes a user many more valuable seconds and minutes to actually figure out if they are in the right place. This is bad for business.  Why? Keep Reading

When a user is looking for a business on their mobile device, a majority of times they are within just a few miles or closer to your business. So, what are they looking for? Depends on what business you are.

A restaurant? They are looking for location, open/closing times and a menu
A retail store? They are looking for location, open/closing times and a quick look at your product line to see if what you offer is what they need
A nail/hair/tanning or other? They want hours of operation, a click to find and a click to call easily available

The lst goes on, however these are a few examples.  If the mobile consumer has a gard time navigating your website, you risk losing business. Why not get this corrected and make it easy for mobile consumers to do business with you??

Havea PDF? Ditch it now!
Have a long winded video? Move it down the home page or to another page
Have a huge array of products? Only place a few valuable and popular ones on home page and give access to  click to call and click for map…

These are a few tips on how best to engage the mobile consumer.

Everyone can develop a website – and even build them free. But can you develop a plan that will walk customers into your front door and buy NOW? That takes time and consideration, practice, trials and edits and research.

If you are too busy to do yourself, maybe hiring a local wordpress developer like Baytech Companies to help you would be a good move for 2019?

We offer free consults and always buy the coffee!!

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