You run your own company.  You have, by your hard work, ingenuity, and a little luck have placed your business into the full-time legitimate world and are a full-time business.  Now is the time to expand, but can you afford another full time marketing person? How do you grow and get new customers without that person?

This is where a company like Baytech can help you.  We are experts at digital marketing and as a full-time digital marketing agency, we have the expertise and tools to get the job done. You have heard all of those acronyms and statements like…

  • Does your website rank on page 1? How is your Search Engine Optimization(SEO) working for you? Can people find your website when they search for your product or service (not your name – that’s easy)
  • Are you interested in new leads by using Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing – Can you afford it? Can you afford not to?
  • Are you engaging your Social media customers on Facebook, Twitter and others?
  • How does your email list look? Are you adding new subscribers who are interested in your product or services weekly? Are you sending them information and offers regularly?
  • Do you use special offers or coupons for your business? Have you considered going mobile and engaging the mobile customer on their phones with your offers?

These are all the things a digital marketing agency in Columbus can do for you.  We are experts at making your phones ring and getting new prospects to opt-in to your messages.

What if we stated that we are generally 1/4 or less of a cost of 1 marketing employee each month? Interested? Now it it your turn to help your business by calling us at 888-374-0555 or 614-610-9367 and begin a discussion with us about YOUR goals and how we can help you attain them.

We are ready for you…are you ready to grow your business??

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