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How many times have you visited your Google Search Console? Do you even know what it is? If you own a website, and want traffic, any traffic, then you need to know about this and make some adjustments right away.

First, log in using your main gmail account you use for your Google Places information. We recommend having 1 gmail account for you Google Search Console, Google Places, Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts. The reason is these four tie everything you are doing online together.

Then once you are logged into your Google Search Console, the first thing you need to so if you have not is submit your sitemap to Google. This is the way Google knows you are there, and tells its crawlers to come on to your website and index it. This is the first step to getting your website found.

You should also place re-directs for all pages it cannot index.  They will tell you every month what is wrong with your website. it is up to you to fix it, or they simply stop indexing your website. No problem huh? BIG PROBLEM!!

If Google stops indexing your website, you can kiss related traffic and linked traffic bye bye. 

So, make sure you are logging in at least monthly ( I log into all of our clients and my websites weekly) so that you are keeping your Google indexing at its peak performance.

​I hope this helped you and feel free to connect with us if we can be of any assistance to you.

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