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How large business is losing its grip on SEO Results


It’s true that all technology is a moving target … and there are no absolutes.

But, as Google® algorithm updates continue to refine location based and local search results it is imperative that your small business make its mark in Local SEO.  If you don’t, your neighboring competitors are sure to do so.  Here are some reasons why Search and Local Search are moving to providing small business the benefits that national and international companies have enjoyed for years.

1.  As stated before Google
® continues to improve its algorithms to return better local results for a user’s search query.  Most searches are done on a mobile device today and this trend isn’t slowing down.  Given that most of these mobile searches also include the user’s location (by default), tighter, more refined geographic-based results are being delivered.  This without the user having to structure their query to include qualifiers like “near me”, “nearby” and “in City Name“.

   2.  Mobile Digital Assistants and Marketing Personalization may also help to swing results towards local/small businesses.  Tools like Siri and Cortana, not too mention the myriad of products that will follow in their footsteps, prove extremely useful as they can gather not just search data but also behavioral data on an individual user.  Unless a user is searching for a specific large brand name, the results will lean towards (and favor) local / small businesses avple nearby the user.

3.  The continued evolution of social media and its eco-system on the Internet is another area that allows local search to shine.    Social media users tend to share local content more often than other content.  More and more content discovery will occur on social media and more of that discovery will be reflected in search results.

4.  Generalized Keywords are not the only game in town now.  For years big business with big SEO budgets have dominated Keyword rankings and raised the cost-to-compete beyond most small businesses financial abilities.    Today we see more users making search queries in long-tail (more natural language-like) questions/phrases.    This is an area where niche small businesses can step in an shine above their large competitors.

These trends are true in Local SEO Columbus as much as in SEO Ohio or globally.  Any good SEO company will help their smaller clients rise in the rankings.  The best SEO Company will keep abreast of how these forces change the SEO world and be agile to the changes.

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