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The answer to the question in this article is straightforward. The digital marketing agencies recommend SEO because both search engines and social networks can help you increase sales of your products or services.

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This concept has to do with the set of techniques used so that a web page responds effectively to the query that a user makes in Google. The better the SEO of your website, the higher you will appear in the search engine results.

The advantage you get from this is that the more visualization you have, the greater the chances people will find you and enter your website to find out what you have to offer. And this not only applies to those who are just starting in the digital business or to those who are thinking of doing it and to all those who are already in the world of e-commerce and want to go much further.

The solution is in the hands of a digital marketing agency

Achieving this goal is not something that happens automatically. It is necessary to take the help of a digital marketing agency indicated to do this work because they have professionals who can help you be among the first places from search engines.


Today we all search for what we want on the Internet, from children to grandparents. We immerse ourselves in the vast world of the internet through phones, tablets, or computers to find whatever we are looking for in at least 10 seconds. Good website ranking is synonymous with visibility, and visibility translates into more visits so, therefore, more customers.

For this reason, if you are not on the Internet, you are not in anything. Even if you have an online presence and do not appear among the first places in Google, no one can reach you.

You may be suspicious of knowing why we only mention Google and not the other search engines. As “Google is the Mountain View Giant” is used for 95% of searches on computers, laptops, and smartphones, it is considered the most used search engine globally.

The best way to achieve SEO ranking

A perfect SEO strategy will combine several techniques so that your website appears in the top positions.

If you want to have “visibility”, your website will have to appear on the first page or, what is the same, among the top 10 Google results. It is proven that only 5% of users go to the second page when they perform a search. How will you get it? Do not lose sight of the following:

1. Find out how search engines work

The first thing you have to understand, and what the digital marketing agency in Columbus you choose will surely help you with, is how Google does to select those who will be in the first places on its page.

A grosso modo is based on something called a search algorithm, which is nothing more than the mathematical formula the search engine uses to display results in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), or what is the same the results page of the search in relation with the keywords or keywords that a user uses to make their query in the search engine.

You should be very clear that Google’s algorithm revolves around one goal: to satisfy the person who is searching for the relevant results as much as possible.

2. Understand the factors to rank content

On the one hand, On-Page SEO comes into play, which includes all the optimizations that you can do within your web page to improve its natural or organic positioning; to help Google index your content faster.

SEO Mean Organic Traffic

Here you also have to have the guidance and support of the Columbus SEO agency, who advise you on the internal work you have to do on your website. In this process, the experts will apply techniques in Keywords, Tags and Meta tags, images, internal and external links, and the web structure.

Meanwhile, Off-Page SEO refers to the elements that occur outside of your page and that you cannot control at all. Professional help also plays a role in this factor because linkbuilding strategies must be planned, which are focused on increasing backlinks or links from other websites that point to yours.

To get a good SEO positioning, you have to combine both types of SEO. Off Page SEO will not work if it is not supported by a good On Page SEO.

Consider the importance of voice search

Voice searches for smartphones or tablets are becoming increasingly popular. People don’t always have time to write, so it’s quick and easy to dictate what they’re looking for to Google.

Voice Search

Given this scenario, you must implement it in your SEO strategy.

Bet on digital marketing agencies

As you may have noticed, the world of SEO presents some complexity, but it also brings profitable advantages. Google is always introducing new features in its algorithm that requires very rigorous monitoring that you must leave in the hands of professionals.

SEO work is continuous and dynamic. There is no need to optimize your page, leaving it without polishing it or updating it. A good agency can help you with that. They also integrate SEO optimization in a joint vision with your digital marketing strategy.


As you notice, SEO is one of the essential areas in the world of digital marketing. Suppose you have a good strategy that combines this with other techniques such as email marketing, content marketing, web analytics, SEM, presence in social networks, or marketing automation. In that case, you will have great opportunities within the market you are targeting.

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