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How to Create an Effective Brand Identity Design: Tips from Professional Designers


Brand Identity Design – Oh so you’ve finally decided to quit your permanent job and start your own venture?

That’s exciting news. Now that you want to focus all your energy into your startup, let’s make one thing clear. The success of your startup depends on your brand identity design. It can either make or break your company.

Therefore, it is important that before even diving into the process of launching your business, you should carry out in-depth market research on how to design the perfect logo for your company.

Mind you, a good Brand Identity Design defines your business niche, and it lets the audience know about the nature and mission of your business. So, it’s worth your time to pay attention to the tips below by professional graphic designers.

Let’s swoop in folks!
1.    Study your brand thoroughly  You might think your job is done after you hire a professional logo designer, unfortunately, that’s just the beginning of a crazy ride. So hop on, grip tightly, oh not to the designer, but your business brand.

First off study your business mission statement. Understand what is the message that you want to give out to the world. Remember, customers will only feel attracted to a company that is vocal about their purpose and gives out a clear sign of professionalism.

You can do this through taglines, pictures/videos, the spectrum of colors that define your company, recognizable logo design, and appropriate brand voice.

For example, Nike, a leading sports brand’s mission statement is to encourage their target audience to take risks. Thus, their logo a swoosh aka checkmark with the tagline that says, “ Just do it”, make sense to their audience.

So make sure your logo design clearly represents your mission statement.

Your task doesn’t end there. You also have to look out for your brand’s personality. For example, some brands exude bold and sizzling personas, their logos often reflect shades of reds and oranges mainly because that’s what these colors psychologically communicate. Whereas, other brand personas are gentle and soothing in nature, wear light and pastel colors, such as spa or massage salon logo designs.

2. Focus on Your Niche  A brand cannot function without defining their niche. You can’t be jack of all cards. You must have a target audience, or else you’ll lose focus in a few months of launching the venture.

Sounds absurd but that’s reality for you.

Figure your niche and incorporate it with the logo of your brand. But before that, list down your competitors’. Look at their logos, brand designs and ways of branding. Observe their uniqueness and note down all the stellar points.

Now start designing your own logo keeping your competitors’ branding in mind and the market you want to target.

Make sure you don’t copy your competitors’ brand designs, just take inspirations from them. Create a logo that is unique and highly captivating, that resonates with your company at a single glance.

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3. A story always works  For Brand Identity Design.

Well, being an entrepreneur you’ll hear this a lot. So, make sure it’s an interesting story and fits perfectly with your logo.

The best way to do this is to think of what inspired you the most to start your own business. It can be a place, a particular situation or even a functional need that you experienced while traveling abroad. And you think it can be a good hit in your country too. A smooth, emotional and impactful story incorporated into your logo design can make your brand a big hit.

Therefore, play the story card smartly.

4.  Color matters  No, you cannot pick green for your logo, just because it’s your lucky color. 

Believe it or not, there is a whole science behind colors for logo designs. For example, if you opt for red for the main color of your logo, then your brand will give out energetic, passionate and aggressive vibes to your target audience.

Similarly, blue evokes trust and intelligence, which is why social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have blue logos.

Since every color has a different emotional impact, study the color theory so you’ll know which color would serve your company right.

Remember, it’s all about the vibes, so choose wisely.

5.   Is your brand logo scalable?  It’s okay if you didn’t think this through before, there’s always room for improvements. There is a possibility that in the future you will have to print your logo on billboards and posters for marketing all over the city.

Make sure your logo design is scalable. You wouldn’t want your logo to look blurry on large surface areas, would you? That will kill the vibe.

Always ask your designer for high-resolution vector files.

6. Don’t limit your marketing strategy  Brands that only focus on selling their products or services lower their chances of a high customer base than brands that share fun facts and information for customers’ benefits on the sidelines in their advertisements.

The trick is to mention fun facts related to your product as side-notes by cleverly incorporating them into your brand identity design like business cards or envelopes. It will keep your audience engaged for a long time and enable them to remember you when they’re out shopping.
In the end You might think you know all about your business, but the truth is, you will never know enough. So all entrepreneurs out there, before you hop onto designing a sleek logo for your Brand Identity Design, do your homework so you can turn your business brand into a smashing success.

Author Bio: Sabrina Jackson is a content writer with experience in web content, blogging, sales copy and more. Her favorite pass time is trying out new and unique tongue twisters.

Thank you Sabrina for your work!

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