If you are looking for local website marketing, then you are going to go down a path that may confuse you, frustrate you and leave you wondering why it matters.

Why does website marketing matter in 2016? Because, think about the last time you needed a product, service or even if you wanted to visit a new restaurant.  What was your behavior? Did you go to the phone book? How about Facebook or Twitter? Probably not.

What you did probably do is pull out your phone or computer, open up Google or Bing, and searched for your product type you needed.  Then, you were given some ads and search results that you then browsed through.  Did you choose one of the 1st ones? If so, you are like 65% of all of other search customers.  65% of all searches end up with a choice from the 1st page.  2nd page is good, but I promise you NO ONE BUYS FROM PAGE 5 or below!

So, in order to get your business or website found under those same search conditions, you can begin organically  and slowly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or you can buy ads and start competing with the largest of corporations (and their large budgets) for the real estate space. Now, with Google AGAIN changing the ads they display to even LESS ADS, you are left to wonder what the heck is going on, and how can YOU and YOUR business compete. You can build sales channels on Facebook and Twitter or even have landing pages.

The real answer is you better have someone who knows HOW all of these digital communication aspects work, and WHY they work.  You need someone who understands what and why CONTENT MARKETING works, and how to properly engage your current and past prospects, as well as your future ones at the same time. You need to also be building your own valuable email and mobile lists.  This is the holy grail of marketing, and if your business does not have one, you need to start or you will lose business to those that do.

If this is completely confusing to you, please feel free to connect with Baytech Companies. Our team of experts are standing by to help you.  We have built many companies from the ground floor and shown our clients the highest ROI in the industry. So give us a call at 888-374-0555 for a FREE consultation and discussion about your goals, and how Baytech Companies can help you achieve them.

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