2022: Trends in Digital Marketing

That you should keep in mind for this year and the next. 2021 drove great changes worldwide, especially in virtual environments, connecting and intertwining the online world with the offline world.

The progressive advances that could take years were forced to be implemented for a single year and consolidated. This move to virtuality had a profound impact on all businesses, on implementing strategies, and, above all, emphasizing and demonstrating the importance of already knowing your client.

Digital Marketing Trends 2022

In past years, with the pandemic and the so-called Covid Era, changes and various adaptations to forms of communication and consumption accelerated. These profound and accelerated changes have also had a substantial impact on the area of ​​online marketing, to the point that over this year, they have been consolidated, becoming digital marketing trends in 2022.

With the growth of electronic commerce, companies’ visibility has become crucial to growing businesses, which is why both SEO and digital marketing have gained great relevance since last year since everyone has set their sights on them.

1. User Experience

ux designOne of the profound changes we have seen is related to user habits. As of 2021, the role of users and their experience interacting with the different digital channels of a company have been more strongly evidenced. One of the significant digital marketing trends in 2021 that has taken hold is to focus on user profiles.

You must identify who the different user segments are and how they behave with your website, your products, and services, and with your ads so that you can offer them what they need and, in turn, boost your business more effectively with digital marketing strategies.

2. Google Analytics

google analytics

Around the end of 2021, the new Google Analytics focused on visitors, and the “Customer Journey” or your users’ experience was launched. The main difference between the Google Analytics you know and this one is that the previous version was focused on session and page views, and GA4 is focused on events. The origin of this change is that traffic no longer comes only from websites or web pages but also from mobile applications, so events will allow you to measure and track the information collected more effectively.

3. Voice Search or voice search

voice searchVoice Search is here to stay, which is why this trend in 2022 has been consolidated in digital marketing strategies with greater force. This new way of searching by voice commands allows users to search the Internet or on a portable device more quickly and without typing.

Voice Search or search by voice works through the use of artificial intelligence. This technology is already capable of answering many questions asked through conversational search. This new way of searching impacts the SEO of your company. This is another of the changes in users’ habits, who choose to write less.

“Voice searches are often interactive, allowing the system to ask for clarification, making the voice search system dialog-like. Thanks to this evolution, different search assistants have appeared, such as Google Now, Cortana, Siri, Amazon Echo, popularly called “personal assistants” thanks to their experience. They use natural language processing to interact with the end-user of the mobile device based on Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, the interactive experience is most pleasant and friendly, making it much more similar to a human experience.” Wikipedia

4. Content strategies and Storydoing

Storydoing implies that companies’ stories (storytelling) become a reality for customers to enjoy.

The ads are a very important part, but a solid and combined content strategy is needed for those clients or users who need an experience after the ads. Thus, the great trend is focused on users, understanding their trajectory, and giving them an experience related to services, products, and even the values ​​of each company.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, in voice search, chatbots on sites, and personalized sites according to visitors such as Google Analytics and many more platforms. All these advances have a strong impact on digital marketing, email marketing, eCommerce as well as search engine optimization: SEO and SEM.

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